As Assad picks his poison, Syrians’ suffering and Israeli fears diverge

Chemical attack does not surprise Israel; more worried about a Shiite axis … [Read more...]

Dozens of Hezbollah terrorists ‘accidentally’ killed in chemical attack

Instability due to Assad's troops not coordinating with supporting forces … [Read more...]

Kerry: Tests prove sarin gas used in Syrian chemical attack

Hopes Congress will ‘do what is right’ and authorize US force … [Read more...]

20 hurt in Syrian gas attack Tuesday, opposition says

Strike near last week’s gas attack; white phosphorus said used in Aleppo … [Read more...]

Russian official urges defense of Syria’s Christians in wake of chemical attack

Russia's Federation Council calls on Putin to defend Syrian Christians … [Read more...]

Rebel forces report massive death toll after Syrian chemical attack

More than 1,100 reported killed as UN inspectors probe for chemical arms … [Read more...]

Damascus suburbs report chemical attack by Assad regime

Residents of Duma and Adra tell of sulfurous smell, asphyxiation; say symptoms indicate sarin gas … [Read more...]

Syrian rebels: Dozens hurt in Damascus chemical weapons attack

Assad forces fire chemically laced mortars; FSA says it killed 4 Iranians, 7 Hezbollah men … [Read more...]

Gantz: Chances of Syrian chemical attack ‘very low’

But IDF chief says risk of conventional terrorism growing with more al-Qaida-affiliated groups … [Read more...]

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