Police, firefighters attacked after rescuing Arab family in capital

Jewish graves damaged in suspicious blaze on Mount of Olives … [Read more...]

Ultra-Orthodox tell Jerusalem bike sharers to take a hike on the Sabbath

Capital’s planned bicycle-sharing program comes under fire … [Read more...]

Jerusalem mayor saves the day — again!

Nir Barkat restores peace in capital once more, breaks up street fight … [Read more...]

Jerusalem Home Front Command district simulates missile attack on capital

‘The enemy has already made Jerusalem a target. We have to be prepared’ … [Read more...]

Tunisia vows ‘merciless war against terrorism’ after museum attack

World denounces killing of 19 people, mostly tourists, in capital … [Read more...]

Jerusalem wakes to blanket of white after overnight storm

Roads to, from, and in capital closed after 10 inches of snow … [Read more...]

Route 443 to Jerusalem closed as snowstorm sweeps in

Route 1 from Tel Aviv to remain open until blizzard hits the capital … [Read more...]

3 Kahanist group members named in arson at capital’s Jewish-Arab school

Belong to extremist Lehava organization, claim their confessions coerced … [Read more...]

Jordan sends letter warning Israel over Temple Mount

King calls for Netanyahu government to maintain status quo in capital … [Read more...]

IDF demolishes home of terrorist who killed baby, woman

Home of Abdel Rahman al-Shalodi destroyed in Silwan area of capital … [Read more...]

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