Gold treasure trove unearthed at base of Temple Mount

Byzantine-era coins and unique menorah medallion found at Southern Wall … [Read more...]

Byzantine winepress, unique lantern unearthed in dig

Archeologists working at spa in southern Israel say lantern is shaped like a miniature church … [Read more...]

Archeologists find 1,500-year-old kosher bread stamp

ACCO (JWN)—Israel Antiquities Authority archeologists have uncovered a ceramic stamp embossed with the image of the seven-branched menorah used in the Temple. The 1,500-year-old stamp was unearthed in … [Read more...]

Ancient Christian relic found in Jerusalem

  JERUSALEM (JWN)—Archeologists of Israel’s Antiquities Authority have unearthed what is said to be the first evidence that ordinary Christians used religious icons in the Byzantine … [Read more...]

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