Bill to stop Netanyahu corruption indictment reaches Knesset

Law would shield PM from indictments for fraud, breach of trust, bribery … [Read more...]

Police recommend charging ex-Netanyahu lawyer, others in submarine bribery case

David Shimron among those accused of bribery, fraud and other charges … [Read more...]

Police recommend welfare minister be indicted for corruption

Haim Katz, son, Israel Aerospace officials face bribery, fraud charges … [Read more...]

In first, police say cases against PM involve bribery, fraud

Suspicions revealed in request for gag order on state’s witness deal … [Read more...]

Netanyahu’s talks with newspaper mogul could constitute bribery

Recordings said to shed light on a range of potential criminal offenses … [Read more...]

How did Olmert get his jail time reduced and what does it mean for future cases?

Supreme Court just made it harder to convict public figures for bribery … [Read more...]

Olmert given additional eight months in prison for bribery

Ex-PM also fined NIS 100,000; term added to 6-year Holyland sentence … [Read more...]

Chief Rabbi Metzger released to five days’ house arrest on corruption charges

Metzger probed for bribery, money laundering; denies wrongdoing … [Read more...]

Ex-PM Olmert acquitted of two main charges, guilty of breach of trust

Second trial in major bribery scandal still under way … [Read more...]

Ex-prime minister Olmert indicted for bribery

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)--Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and 17 others were indicted on Thursday for allegedly giving or receiving bribes in connection with the construction of the capital’s … [Read more...]

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