South African Christian group visits Israel on peace mission

Zion Church says it 'cannot accept a boycott’ … [Read more...]

Norway gives money to group funding BDS campaigns

Joins Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and Netherlands in promoting boycott … [Read more...]

US backs European move to distinguish Israel from West Bank

Blasts ‘illegitimate’ settlement, says product labeling is not a boycott … [Read more...]

Joint Arab List lashes back at Liberman after he calls to boycott them

Liberman: ‘They always try to slander the state of Israel and undermine it’ … [Read more...]

US affirms it stands with Israel at UNHRC, continues Agenda Item 7 boycott

Country after country protested Israeli ‘violations’ of human rights … [Read more...]

Joint Arab List spokesman: ISIS learned its crimes from Zionism

Zionist Union candidate boycotts panel due to participation of Kahanist candidate … [Read more...]

Exposing the boycott

Netanyahu: The boycotters are classical anti-Semites in modern garb … [Read more...]

US responds to Israel uproar, says Kerry never called for boycott

State Department: Kerry has proud record of steadfast support for Israel … [Read more...]

92 US universities reject academic boycott of Israel

More cut ties with American Studies Association for its boycott … [Read more...]

US scholars endorse academic embargo of Israel by wide margin

ADL: American Studies Association poll is ‘morally bankrupt’ … [Read more...]

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