US envoy to UN: Comparing Israel to ISIS is fundamentally wrong

Draft report puts Israel on blacklist with ISIS and Boko Haram … [Read more...]

Iran accuses Washington of creating Islamic State, Boko Haram

Top general claims US set up terrorist groups to harm Islam, bolster Israel … [Read more...]

More than 2,000 women, girls kidnapped by Boko Haram

Terrorists train abducted females to ‘slaughter infidels’ … [Read more...]

Boko Haram disguised as preachers kill dozens in Nigeria

‘They opened fire on them and killed many people,’ witness says … [Read more...]

First babies born to kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls resulting from rape

Woman held by Boko Haram says she knows where girls are being held … [Read more...]

Boko Haram beheads two ‘spies’ in first public video

Terrorist group 'shaped' by ISIS calls itself 'Islamic State Africa' … [Read more...]

Coptic Christian protest urges White House action against Islamic State

Call includes Boko Haram in Nigeria and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt … [Read more...]

Boko Haram: 200,000 Christians facing massacre in Nigeria

Murderous rampage threatened by imminent assault on Maiduguri … [Read more...]

Missionary: Boko Haram behind attacks on churches, religious in Niger

Boko Haram determined to take jihadist campaign beyond Nigeria … [Read more...]

Nigeria is one of the ‘worst places’ for Christians

More than 1,000 churches destroyed in a four-year period by Boko Haram … [Read more...]

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