Blood libel

Will Abbas’s lies change EU’s approach to Israeli-Palestinian conflict? … [Read more...]

Netanyahu slams Abbas blood libel as he flies to Rome in diplomatic push

PA leader rejects meet with Rivlin, says ending conflict will end terrorism … [Read more...]

Palestinian Authority promotes well-poisoning blood libel

Hamas says non-existent rabbi calls to poison Palestinian water sources … [Read more...]

Iran promotes the blood libel against the Jews

Hitler led his country to barbarity – so does ayatollah   … [Read more...]

French Jew exonerated in blood libel murder of toddler — 344 years later

Village of Glatigny clears merchant who was burned at stake … [Read more...]

Palestinian nonprofit apologizes for blood libel article

Western-funded Miftah organization claimed Jews used Christian blood in Passover rituals … [Read more...]

Netanyahu denounces Non-Aligned Movement’s silence on Iranian ‘blood libel’

Khamanei accuses ‘Zionist wolves’ of ‘state terror’ … [Read more...]

Saudi cleric accuses Jewish people of genocide, drinking human blood

Says ‘role of the Jews is to wreak destruction, to wage wars, and to practice deception and extortion’ … [Read more...]

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