Bennett takes on extremism, backs Shin Bet on Duma probe

‘ I trust the Shin Bet to get murderers of Jews, I trust them in this case’ … [Read more...]

Netanyahu promised a ‘better, more stable government.’ And we got this?

Did he know he’d wind up pleading with Bennett for a wafer-thin majority? … [Read more...]

Bennett ups his demands as PM’s coalition-building goes to the wire

With 24 hours to deadline, Jewish Home demands Justice Ministry … [Read more...]

Avoid controversial moves in the capital

Bennett is aping the prime minister … [Read more...]

Knesset passes law limiting terrorist prisoner releases

Bennett: New law puts Israel back on ‘moral path’ … [Read more...]

Liberman pans Bennett for lashing out at Kerry

FM says Jewish Home leader trying to score political points off US … [Read more...]

Majority must speak out against racism, President-elect Rivlin says

Bennett: I won't be silenced by complaints about extremism … [Read more...]

Bennett promises ‘ticket to hell’ for Hamas members

‘Israel must stop trading prisoners for kidnapped Israelis’   … [Read more...]

Bennett: Dismantle West Bank security barrier to achieve peace

Minister proposes ‘Stability Plan’ including annexation of Area C … [Read more...]

With talks’ collapse, Bennett to propose annexing Area C

Minister to explore policy options with PM; Livni to meet with Kerry … [Read more...]

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