Education minister disavows rabbi who called women ‘weak-minded’

'This is not what Judaism believes,' Bennett says … [Read more...]

Bennett rebuffs rabbi’s ‘insolent’ demand to fire IDF chief over female soldiers

Rejects calls for men to refuse to serve if not in male-only units … [Read more...]

Bennett: Israel must prepare to tackle Iran on its own

Bayit Yehudi leader speaks before security cabinet meeting … [Read more...]

Bennett unveils NIS 70m plan to get students chatting in English

Education minister says English is a must in hi-tech … [Read more...]

Bennett to Arab MKs: Pick a side — good or evil

Accuses them of spreading an ‘antisemitic blood libel against Israel’ … [Read more...]

Bennett, Kulanu seeking to moderate controversial haredi conversion bill

To prevent foreign workers and illegals from converting to gain citizenship … [Read more...]

Kahlon refuses to back down in furor over new public broadcaster

Bennett: The public doesn’t understand what you are fighting about … [Read more...]

Amona residents renew protest as relocation deal falters

Settlers say Netanyahu, Bennett ‘betrayed us’ with compromise … [Read more...]

Bennett: We will annex Ma’aleh Adumim first and then all of Area C

‘Israelis have paid dearly for messianic policy of a Palestinian state’ … [Read more...]

Bennett vows to pursue Ma’aleh Adumim annexation this month

Jewish Home leader to wait till Trump inauguration … [Read more...]

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