Rewriting history, Abbas calls Israel a ‘colonial project’ unrelated to Judaism

Ignores Jewish ties to Holy Land, says Ben-Gurion forced Jews to Israel … [Read more...]

Two American Jews held for two days at Ben-Gurion, denied entry to Israel

Arriving for wedding, turned away suspected of being Black Hebrews … [Read more...]

Civil unions

Ben-Gurion gave Rabbinate authority over marriages in a different era … [Read more...]

International airport to open near Eilat in response to flight cancelations

Uvda Airport to replace Ben-Gurion during FAA suspension … [Read more...]

Ariel Sharon emblemized military audacity, evolving politics

Ben-Gurion called him the ‘greatest field commander’   … [Read more...]

Israel waiting for ‘Palestinian Ben-Gurion’ to end conflict

On Kristallnacht anniversary, PM blasts Palestinians for Nazi references … [Read more...]

Netanyahu orders preparation of new universal conscription law

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday began fulfilling one of the declared goals of his expanded coalition by directing its members to start work on a bill for … [Read more...]

Israel raids two pirate Palestinian TV stations in Ramallah

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—IDF soldiers raided two pirate Palestinian TV stations in Ramallah on Wednesday, confiscating equipment the Communications Ministry said was endangering flights at … [Read more...]

Extra signature on Declaration of Independence stumps experts

By SHLOMO CESANA (Israel Hayom) “We hereby declare the establishment of a Jewish state in the Land of Israel,” David Ben-Gurion famously said in a thundering voice on May 14, 1948. Following his … [Read more...]

Mike Evans: Who is Israel’s real founding father?

Question: Who was the most important person used by God to found the State of Israel? A. Harry Truman, the thirty-third president of theUnited Statesand the one who recognized the State of … [Read more...]

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