Knesset approves settlement bill in first reading

Begin: Proposal is neither wise nor legal … [Read more...]

Begin: Settler building on private Palestinian land ‘unjust’

‘It’s not right,’ Begin calls bid to legalize building on Palestinian land … [Read more...]

America the target

The West needs a wake-up call to understand this threat is imminent … [Read more...]

See you in New York

America and Israel must fight Islamist terrorism together … [Read more...]

The ‘price tag’ crimes must be dealt with

‘Messianism destroyed Jerusalem from within’—Begin … [Read more...]

Resettlement bill threatened as MKs learn Beduin did not even see plan

Likud: MK Begin misled for not revealing Beduin never agreed to plan … [Read more...]

Israel’s greatest nightmare

The worst nightmare would be for Obama to spinelessly back down from Iran … [Read more...]

America, Israel has your back

Israel is the last firewall between radical Islam and the West … [Read more...]

Outpost legalization bill pulled at last moment

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—MK Ya’acov Katz (National Union) withdrew his bill to legalize unauthorized West Bank outposts on Wednesday literally seconds before the Knesset vote. He told the plenum … [Read more...]

Illegal buildings demolished at two West Bank outposts

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—In the new unity government’s first test in the territories, security forces demolished two illegal structures in the settlement outposts of Migron and Oz Zion. Six … [Read more...]

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