SodaStream hires hundreds of new employees in southern Israel

A third of the 1,400 people at new Negev complex are local Beduin … [Read more...]

Israeli doctor joined ranks of Islamic State, Barzilai Hospital confirms

Beduin Othman Abdal-Kian joined terrorists; reported killed in fighting … [Read more...]

Beduin attack in Negev town shocks residents

‘We sought coexistence with the Beduin and it blew up in our face’ … [Read more...]

Israel suspends controversial Beduin resettlement plan

Opposition to bill grew among MKs who had previously supported it … [Read more...]

Resettlement bill threatened as MKs learn Beduin did not even see plan

Likud: MK Begin misled for not revealing Beduin never agreed to plan … [Read more...]

Israel’s Beduin ask: Are we citizens of this country or not?

MK: They must recognize the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people … [Read more...]

Israel to UNHRC: Freeing terrorists shows we’re serious about peace

Issues under discussion include Beduin, migrants … [Read more...]

Activists rally across Israel, West Bank against plans to relocate Beduin

Some 20 Israeli-Arab activists arrested in protests nationwide against Prawer-Begin plan … [Read more...]

Kidnapped Israeli tourist and foreign companion released in Egypt

Amir Omar Hassan, Norwegian tourist freed after Cairo agrees to review Beduin drug case … [Read more...]


JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—Emory University law student Ilan Grapel landed at Ben-Gurion International Airport at 6:30 p.m. this evening, after four months' detention in Egypt accused of spying for … [Read more...]

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