Bedouin revert to nomadic lifestyle for camel-birthing season

Men bring sons, hundreds of camels to Dead Sea in ancient tradition … [Read more...]

Number of Arab students in Israeli universities grows 78% in seven years

Minority communities still underrepresented, especially the Bedouin … [Read more...]

Israel suspends controversial Beduin resettlement plan

Opposition to bill grew among MKs who had previously supported it … [Read more...]

Bedouin relocation plan faces opposition from Left and Right

Right-wing calls it too vague, too generous; Arabs call it ethnic cleansing … [Read more...]

Both sides dig in after violence against Bedouin relocation plan

Arab leaders condemn fighting, call for ongoing protests against scheme … [Read more...]

Israeli jailed in Egypt begins hunger strike

Ouda Tarabin announces hunger strike after 12-year imprisonment on charges of espionage … [Read more...]

Rockets kill soldier, Bedouin civilian in Eshkol region

Army posthumously promotes Yosef Fartuk to corporal … [Read more...]

Arab, Muslim, Israeli — and under fire

Rahat is home to 54,000 Bedouin Israelis and has zero public bomb shelters … [Read more...]

Single terror group responsible for most attacks in Sinai, intelligence sources say

Ansar Bait al-Maqdis primarily local Bedouin, but also recruits from Egypt and beyond … [Read more...]

New Jordanian ambassador to Israel disowned by own clan

Obeidat tribe says appointment of its member 'crosses all red lines' … [Read more...]

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