Aussie rocker Nick Cave says he’s in Israel because of BDS

Bad Seeds singer decided to take a stand against censorship … [Read more...]

Bavaria’s Green Party: BDS same as Nazi ‘Don’t buy from Jews’ slogan

‘BDS is antisemitic, hostile to Israel, reactionary and anti-enlightenment’ … [Read more...]

Israel borrowing the language of its war on terrorism to fight BDS

Surprisingly, in late July Netanyahu boasted that ‘we defeated BDS’ … [Read more...]

Coping with BDS

BDS is a modern instantiation of anti-Semitism that endangers Israel … [Read more...]

Israel supporters see successes, challenges with Protestant churches on BDS

UMC’s vote highlights liberals and conservatives working together … [Read more...]

BDS: a weapon of Islamic warfare

Arab and Muslim leaders publicly declare the same goals as BDS … [Read more...]

America boycotting the boycotters

BDS is not a human rights movement; it is a scheme to harm Israel … [Read more...]

Leaving West Bank, SodaStream chief accuses boycotters of anti-Semitism

Says BDS should back SodaStream if it ‘truly cared about Palestinians’ … [Read more...]

Israeli Christian group challenges BDS with new guide

Christian Empowerment Council explains significance of anti-Zionism … [Read more...]

10 years later, how BDS became the politically correct way to delegitimize Israel

Boycott effort makes inroads, all the way to 2016 US elections … [Read more...]

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