Sudan indicts Christian mother Meriam Ibrahim, bans her from leaving

Lawyer accuses US of bungling her case … [Read more...]

US successfully pressures UN to rescind Iran invite to Syria peace talks

Ban rescinds invitation as Syrian opposition threatens to nix talks … [Read more...]

What’s hiding behind attacks on circumcision?

The climate of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hatred is widespread in Europe … [Read more...]

Israel ‘disturbed’ by Ban’s recanting comment on UN bias

Officials: ‘UN systematically discriminates against Jewish state’ … [Read more...]

In reversal, Ban says Israel does not face bias at UN

Secretary-general backtracks on comments made last week … [Read more...]

Muslim Brotherhood faces ban as Egypt rulers pile on pressure

250 Brotherhood followers face possible charges of terrorism … [Read more...]

Abbas: First round of peace talks dealt with final-status issues

PA president sheds light on secretive talks held in Jerusalem … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia reaffirms ban on building of non-Muslim places of worship

Justice minister insists ‘cradle of Muslim sanctities’ will not allow other places of worship … [Read more...]

Egyptian Religious Ministry bans interactions with Evangelical Church

Decision a possible precursor to seizure of lands held by the Evangelical Church … [Read more...]

West has ‘hard evidence’ of Syria chemical weapons use

 Diplomats say chemical weapons used and ‘quite convincing’ evidence sent to UN's Ban … [Read more...]

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