Meir Shamgar, modern father of Israel’s legal system, laid to rest

He served as chief justice, attorney-general and chief IDF lawyer … [Read more...]

Attorney-General: Nation-State Law does not harm fundamental rights of minorities

Mandelblit says legislation does not override provisions for equality … [Read more...]

Attorney-general says Gazan fire kites a ‘legitimate military target’

But Mandelblit mum on legality of firing at those behind launches … [Read more...]

Police to open corruption investigation into UN Ambassador Danon

Attorney-general believes evidence warrants an investigation … [Read more...]

Attorney-general okays seizure of private Palestinian land for outpost road

Mandelblit views residents as protected population … [Read more...]

State watchdog: Jewish Home minister transferred millions to benefit cronies

Comptroller urges attorney-general to investigate conduct of Uri Ariel … [Read more...]

Opposition MKs accuse PM of ‘trying to take over the media’

Worthless deal okayed by attorney-general, but no one should have … [Read more...]

Attorney-general won’t defend contentious outpost law in court

Avichai Mandelblit will allow private defense attorney to represent state … [Read more...]

Attorney-general to open police inquiry into Netanyahu submarine affair

Zionist Union MK calls development an ‘earthquake’ … [Read more...]

Attorney-General: No criminal probe of Netanyahu in submarine affair

Netanyahu: ‘My only consideration is strengthening Israel' … [Read more...]

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