West Bank terrorism: How the IDF significantly decreases attacks

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Egyptian mob destroys Christian properties

Attacks follow rumors of church construction … [Read more...]

In post-Arab Spring Egypt, Muslim attacks on Christians are increasing

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The terrorists who slipped through the net

Security forces are not able to stop every killer before he or she attacks … [Read more...]

Israel recently warned Belgium of lax airport security

Weeks before attacks, assessment found ‘significant shortcomings’ … [Read more...]

Justice minister: State will raze Jewish terrorists’ homes if attacks persist

‘House demolitions is not a punishment, it's a step toward deterrence’ … [Read more...]

Israeli Arab woman charged with aiding Gaza terrorist group

Mother of 7 trained by Kataeb al Mujahideen to carry out attacks … [Read more...]

Soul-searching in Israel after mob beats Eritrean misidentified as terrorist

Attacks have led to fear and panic, but events in Beersheba are a new level … [Read more...]

Gruesome Facebook posts set agenda for new Palestinian terrorism

Young assailants spurred by grisly images that encourage attacks … [Read more...]

Situation in West Bank ‘under control,’ army official says

Despite protests, attacks: IDF predicts calming of growing violence … [Read more...]

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