Arab media: 12 Iranians killed in ‘Israeli strike’ in Syria

Attack destroys Iranian base under construction near Damascus … [Read more...]

Arab laborers barred from Har Adar, 15 suspects held following attack

Plans to demolish terrorist’s home have been expedited … [Read more...]

Amid tensions, scuffles break out at Temple Mount entrance

Muslims block metal detectors and security checks installed after attack … [Read more...]

Jerusalem terrorist’s sister says family ‘thankful’ for his ‘martyrdom’

Family members insist Fadi al-Qunbar, 28, did not tell them about attack … [Read more...]

Shin Bet foils Hamas suicide bus bombing in Jerusalem

Shuafat resident days away from attack; says bombings ‘the way of God’ … [Read more...]

‘Islamic State inspired terrorists in Tel Aviv’s deadly Sarona shooting’

Two Yata cousins indicted for attack; third Yata man for aiding shooters … [Read more...]

ISIS leader al-Baghdadi is living on borrowed time

Sooner or later intelligence will lead to a successful US drone strike … [Read more...]

Israeli jets reportedly strike weapons convoy headed toward Hezbollah

Attack allegedly occurred on the Syrian-Lebanese border … [Read more...]

South Sudanese gunmen kill 208 in Ethiopia; 108 children kidnapped

Attack took place Friday in the Horn of Africa nation's Gambela region … [Read more...]

Songs in praise of stabbing are huge hits on Palestinian street

‘Lovers of Stabbing’ has over 5 million views on YouTube; inspires attack … [Read more...]

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