Rather than disarm, Hamas vows to attack Israel

Says holding on to its weapons is a redline not up for debate … [Read more...]

Former Shin Bet head ‘bursts myth’ on cyber hackers who attack Israel

Ability to counter cyber attacks more advanced than has been thought … [Read more...]

Islamic State explains why it doesn’t attack Israel – yet

Saudi control of Mecca and Medina takes precedence … [Read more...]

Fatah lashes out at Hamas ‘war merchants’ after 7 killed in tunnel collapse

Hamas men killed rebuilding tunnel to attack Israel … [Read more...]

Hamas plot to attack Israel, PA in West Bank foiled by mass arrests

Terrorist cells planned to kidnap Israelis, shoot at cars and IDF checkpoints … [Read more...]

ISIS vows to attack Israel, US as it conquers Persia, Rome, and Arab states

Pledges to fight against US troops and the anti-Christ … [Read more...]

Islamic State preparing to attack Israel

Gaining territory in Syria and Jordan would put it on Israel’s borders … [Read more...]

Journalists threatened by Hamas for reporting use of human shields

Reporters expelled for posts on use of civilian sites to attack Israel … [Read more...]

Hamas invites Hezbollah to join in fighting against Israel

Hopes Lebanese Shi’ite group would attack Israel from the North … [Read more...]

Iran persuades Assad to let Hezbollah open ‘new front’ in Golan Heights

Lebanese terrorists to attack Israel from Syrian territory; Iran calls on Muslims to join the fight … [Read more...]

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