Israel reportedly hits Hezbollah, Assad targets in Syria

jets strikemissile depots Wednesday, Syrian army bases on Saturday … [Read more...]

‘Assad, Hezbollah and Iran are training local militias to combat Israel’

Shiite fighters on Golan ‘will not stop at Syria,’ says opposition leader … [Read more...]

Defense Minister Ya’alon warns Assad against more attacks

Senior military official says Israel wants to avoid escalation in North … [Read more...]

Top Palestinian negotiator rips into ‘discredited, useless’ Abbas

Saeb Erekat compares PA president to Saddam, Assad   … [Read more...]

Assad hiding chemical arms in remote mountainside, activist charges

Opposition figure tells of delivery to area north of Hama … [Read more...]

Obama: ‘Very real chance’ of agreement with Iran

Pushes partnerships in confronting Tehran, Assad, and al-Qaeda … [Read more...]

French foreign minister: Syria launched 14 toxic attacks since October

Pans US, UK for failing to launch airstrikes on Assad … [Read more...]

Israel: Assad has killed with poison gas 30 times since August

Regime developing range of ‘non-classic’ chemical weapons … [Read more...]

Israel is our last hope, indicates Syrian dissident Labwani

West, Arabs created ‘fake’ Syrian opposition to keep Assad in power … [Read more...]

Druse MK lambastes Arab lawmakers for demonizing Israel, visiting tyrants

Blasts MK Tibi and others for supporting Assad as he butchers his people … [Read more...]

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