Putin told Assad to go or be made to go, Israeli officials say

Moscow reportedly tells him to make way for transitional government … [Read more...]

Nasrallah: US failure against ISIS led to Russian involvement in Syria

Hezbollah leader welcomes Moscow's increased support for Assad … [Read more...]

Assad: Rebel fighters in Syria are more dangerous than Israeli air strikes

Syrian president says that the rebels are Israel's ‘servants’ … [Read more...]

Iran proposes splitting Syria into mini-states to fight IS

Tehran says Assad, rebels should combat jihadists; keep captured territory … [Read more...]

Terrorist Kuntar reportedly killed trying to enlist Druse support for Assad

Murderer Kuntar traded by Israel in 2008 for bodies of two soldiers … [Read more...]

Top Israeli security official: Syria is dying, funeral on the way

Political-security chief says Assad controls just a fifth of country … [Read more...]

US intel community worried over possible last-resort chemical attack by Assad

Damascus might act if it feels it has no way left to defend key strongholds … [Read more...]

In al-Nusra Front’s Syria, no room for religious minorities

Danger awaits Syria’s non-Muslim groups after Assad falls … [Read more...]

Assad in rare public appearance says losing battles doesn’t mean war is lost

Syrian president speaks at event to commemorate martyrs … [Read more...]

Despite Iran support, ‘in the long run it’s hard to see how Assad can survive’

The momentum is definitely going against Assad, Tel Aviv U. expert says … [Read more...]

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