Barak: Assad will fall within weeks

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—Defense Minister Ehud Barak told the World Policy Conference on Sunday that Syrian dictator Bashar Assad would last but a few more weeks in power before being deposed by … [Read more...]

Desperate Assad fires Scuds in show of force

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—In an apparent bid to show opponents of his crumbling regime from within that he can at least withstand threats from beyond his borders, Syrian President Bashar Assad had … [Read more...]

US, Arab League, EU sanction Syria

JERUSALEM (JWV and agencies)—The United States, the Arab League, and the European Community on Thursday stepped up sanctions against Syria, in a heightening effort to stop President Bashar Assad from … [Read more...]

Syria gets 24-hour deadline to avoid Arab League sanctions

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—The Arab League announced Thursday that it would give Syrian President Bashar Assad one more day to agree to the presence of league monitors in an effort to halt the … [Read more...]

Syrian troops shell villages for first time

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—The Syrian Army responded to an attack by rebel defectors Thursday night by shelling two northern villages. This was the first reported sustained shelling of opponents to … [Read more...]

Assad regime slays 69 more protesters

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—At least 69 people were reported killed in southern Syria on Monday, most of them in clashes between army deserters and troops loyal to President Bashar Assad, activists … [Read more...]

Syria calls for summit over suspension from Arab League

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—Syria on Sunday called for an urgent meeting of Arab heads of state in an effort to reverse the Arab League’s decision on Saturday to suspend its membership over ongoing … [Read more...]

Rights group: Syria committing crimes against humanity

JERUSALEM (JWN)—Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces are perpetrating crimes against humanity against regime opponents in Homs, Human Rights Watch said in a report released on Friday. HRW urged … [Read more...]

Assad kills dozens more despite Arab League initiative

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—Dozens of people were reported killed by government forces in the Syrian city of Homs on Thursday, putting the lie to President Bashar Assad ostensible agreement to an … [Read more...]

Sever Plocker: Assad is next in line

According to Judaism, we should not rejoice over our enemies’ downfall, yet it depends on the enemy: I was happy when Saddam Hussein fell, I’m happy to see Muammar Gaddafi fall, and I shall be happy … [Read more...]

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