Liberman doubles down, won’t sit with ultra-Orthodox, ‘messianics,’ Arabs

Says ‘the one and only commitment of ours is to our voters’ … [Read more...]

Former Mossad chief: Israel acting as if Arabs will one day disappear

‘Israel closes its eyes in the hope that the conflict will work itself out’ … [Read more...]

Trump must forge anti-terrorist coalition with Israel and Arabs, Liberman says

Effort would be similar to that of First Gulf War, but would include Israel … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Arabs ‘ethnically cleansed’ Jews from West Bank

Massacre and expulsion: Hebron, 1929; Jerusalem and Etzion Bloc, 1948 … [Read more...]

Ghattas’s charges of ‘political persecution’ ring hollow among Arabs

‘It was a very harmful mistake and you need to take responsibility’ … [Read more...]

Netanyahu backs bill to silence mosque prayer calls

Arabs say lowering volume of muezzins is an attack on freedom of religion … [Read more...]

Settler charged with incitement for advocating attacks on soldiers, Arabs

Yitzhar resident Eliraz Fein praised murders of teen, Dawabsha family … [Read more...]

Three Israelis indicted over ‘revenge’ arson attack on Arabs

Accused of vandalizing cars and spraying graffiti … [Read more...]

Why Jerusalem is the poorest city in the country

Close to 50% of residents live in poverty, mainly ultra-Orthodox, Arabs … [Read more...]

The world according to Bayit Yehudi MK Smotrich

‘Arabs are potential terrorists and not legitimate citizens of Israel’ … [Read more...]

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