Trump rolls back US obligation to two states, vows to pursue ‘great peace deal’

President enthusiastic for a regional initiative involving Arab states … [Read more...]

Netanyahu calls on Arab states to revise 2002 peace plan

PM seeks changes in positions on full withdrawal, solution for refugees … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Israel ready to work with Arab states on peace process

PM welcomes Egyptian president’s appeal to advance accord … [Read more...]

Netanyahu calls on Arab states to press Palestinians back to peace talks

Blames Palestinians for the 14-month impasse in negotiations … [Read more...]

ISIS vows to attack Israel, US as it conquers Persia, Rome, and Arab states

Pledges to fight against US troops and the anti-Christ … [Read more...]

Middle East Christians urge Arabs to lead fight against Islamic State

Syrian patriarch blasts Arab states for ‘timid’ reaction to Islamists … [Read more...]

UNESCO vetoes display on Jewish refugees from Arab lands

Organizers remove section to keep Arab states from blocking show … [Read more...]

Presbyterians have it back-to-front on Zionism

They are silent on the expulsion of nearly a million Jews from Arab states … [Read more...]

UNESCO cancels event on Jewish ties to Land of Israel

Bows to pressure from Arab states that said it would harm peace talks … [Read more...]

UN gathering marks ‘untold’ story of Jewish refugees

Israel envoy: Arab states never held accountable for their crimes … [Read more...]

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