Arab MKs to skip Pence’s Knesset speech over Jerusalem moves

Leader says 'US has lost its place as the exclusive mediator’ … [Read more...]

Arab Israelis protest US Jerusalem move outside Tel Aviv embassy

Arab MKs wave Palestinian flags, call city 'capital of Palestine' … [Read more...]

Bennett to Arab MKs: Pick a side — good or evil

Accuses them of spreading an ‘antisemitic blood libel against Israel’ … [Read more...]

Israeli bill to muffle Muslim call to prayer stokes tempers on all sides

Arab MKs: All the right-wing wants to do is create a provocation … [Read more...]

Knesset erupts after deputy minister says Arab MKs should hand in ID cards

Likud's Mazuz tells Arab MKs state ‘does them a favor’ of citizenship … [Read more...]

Arab MKs decline Arab League invite

Joint List turns down invitation to visit group’s Cairo headquarters … [Read more...]

Arab MKs boycott Knesset opening

Politicians claim they are not wanted in national legislature … [Read more...]

MK Zoabi ejected from Knesset panel for threat to Christian IDF officer

Lt. Shadi Halul on Arab MKs: Don’t listen to these racists … [Read more...]

Canadians ‘taken aback’ at Arab MKs’ heckling of Harper

Canada’s parliament wouldn’t disrupt visiting leader's speech   … [Read more...]

Arab MKs join effort for Pollard’s release

Three Arab factions boost campaign to free Israeli agent from US jail … [Read more...]

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