Police minister files complaint against Arab MK for Temple Mount visit

Ahmad Tibi accuses police of 'incitement,' calls ban on lawmakers 'illegal' … [Read more...]

Arab MK admits smuggling cellphones, messages to jailed terrorists

Basel Ghattas defends visits to terrorist convicts as ‘humanitarian’ … [Read more...]

President urges ‘soul-searching’ over poll showing support for Arab transfer

Arab MK says findings should keep Israelis up at night … [Read more...]

Hanin Zoabi: Temple Mount should be Jew-free

Arab MK says there is no scientific proof of Jewish Temple at site … [Read more...]

‘This is not yours,’ Arab MK yells at Jews on Temple Mount

Jamal Zahalka confronts visitors and police at Jerusalem holy site … [Read more...]

Amid independence festivities, Arabs mark Nakba

Arab MK claims Israeli-Arab torchlighter sends false message of equality … [Read more...]

Panel bars Arab MK, far-right candidate from Knesset elections

Ban of Hanin Zoabi and Baruch Marzel faces Supreme Court hearing … [Read more...]

Zoabi’s sins

Arab MK applauds exploiting democracy to undermine Israel … [Read more...]

MK Zoabi ejected from Knesset panel for threat to Christian IDF officer

Lt. Shadi Halul on Arab MKs: Don’t listen to these racists … [Read more...]

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