US, Israel hold first conference to boost Arab participation in tech sector

Arab Israelis hold 3% of R&D jobs though they are some 20% of population … [Read more...]

Arab Israelis protest US Jerusalem move outside Tel Aviv embassy

Arab MKs wave Palestinian flags, call city 'capital of Palestine' … [Read more...]

More Arab Israelis join National Service, discover state benefits, patriotism

East Jerusalem non-citizens also secretly volunteering … [Read more...]

Netanyahu apologizes to Arab Israelis for Election Day remarks

PM urged supporters to vote as Arab voters went ‘en masse to the polls’ … [Read more...]

Fighting discrimination

Arab Israelis suffer from the unequal allocation of resources … [Read more...]

Arab Israelis fight nationality bill with ‘second-class’ stamp

Arab youths take their struggle for civil equality to social media … [Read more...]

2,000 Israeli Arabs rally in support of Morsi

Sheikh Salah blames Israel, US, Iran for ouster of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president … [Read more...]

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