Abbas warns officials not to lash out at Arab countries

After Palestinian sources accuse regional allies of colluding with Trump … [Read more...]

Jews from Muslim lands: ‘Day of commemoration not enough’

Emigres from Arab countries and Iran push for more education … [Read more...]

Islamic State fighters ‘three times as many’ as CIA feared

10 Arab countries to join US in fighting Islamic State … [Read more...]

Top Hamas official Ayman Taha reported executed in Gaza

Killed for contact with intelligence services in Egypt, Arab countries … [Read more...]

Israel scores victory at UN: Elected to committee on Palestinian refugees

Despite blocking efforts by Arab countries, Israel will serve on panel … [Read more...]

Jewish refugees should be discussed in the peace negotiations

Some 850,000 Jews were expelled from Arab countries after 1948 … [Read more...]

Al-Qaeda biological weapons expert al-Barq held in Israel for three years

Feared liable to boost local terrorism; Arab countries refuse asylum … [Read more...]

Justice for Jews from Arab countries

Jewish refugee issue highlights Israel as home to an indigenous Middle Eastern people … [Read more...]

Obama’s Israel visit leaves Arab countries upset

Media across Muslim world report pessimism about Obama’s warm words for the Jewish state … [Read more...]

Have you heard of the Jews who fled Arab countries?

Are Arabs who live in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Gaza, or the Palestinian areas refugees? … [Read more...]

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