US demands UN pull report accusing Israel of apartheid

Envoy Haley says Washington outraged; Israel slams report as ‘despicable’ … [Read more...]

Anti-Zionism is the real apartheid

A new coalition hasn’t been formed yet, but critics already yelling apartheid … [Read more...]

Duplicitous Abbas comes out of the closet at UN

PA president accuses Israel of genocide, terrorism, apartheid … [Read more...]

John Kerry warns Israel against Apartheid

What colossal audacity from one who is supposed to be Israel’s ally … [Read more...]

People of Israel – Wake up! Kerry is right about two states

A unitary state would mean apartheid and destroy Israel as a Jewish state … [Read more...]

Erekat: Peace talks have failed, PA should seek statehood recognition

Says Israel foiled talks, Jordan Valley bill is ‘step toward apartheid’ … [Read more...]

Israel’s UN envoy: Palestinian ‘hatred’ threatens talks

Ron Prosor slams PA negotiator Erekat for saying West Bank worse than South African apartheid … [Read more...]

Jordan’s Abdullah: Israel must choose — ‘apartheid or democracy’

King lauds relationship with Netanyahu, but says time may have run out on two-state solution … [Read more...]

South Africa’s ruling party endorses anti-Israel boycott

Jewish leader compares Pretoria’s attitude to Israel with that of Tehran … [Read more...]

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