Obama: US and Israel must improve Intel cooperation to thwart Hezbollah

President defends Iran deal and rejects claims he's anti-Semitic … [Read more...]

Ayatollah’s book calls to wipe out Israel, give Iran reign of Middle East

Also says Holocaust didn't happen, while insisting he is not anti-Semitic … [Read more...]

‘Not recognizing Israel as Jewish is anti-Semitic, pope says’

Francis also backtracks on statement that Abbas is ‘an angel of peace’ … [Read more...]

Liberman calls Turkey’s Erdogan ‘an anti-Semitic, neighborhood bully’

Netanyahu calls on world to condemn Erdogan for supporting terrorists … [Read more...]

Christians United for Israel chairman John Hagee says Obama anti-Semitic

Zionist Organization of America event also featured Sen. Ted Cruz … [Read more...]

Supporting Hamas is anti-Semitic

Hamas’s policies and actions are based on Jew-hatred … [Read more...]

Is the United Nations anti-Semitic?

States that support terrorism overwhelmingly control the UN … [Read more...]

Australian FM: Don’t call settlements illegal under international law

Skeptical about peace talks, says boycott ‘anti-Semitic’   … [Read more...]

Is singling out Israel for boycotts anti-Semitic?

Judge Israel and those who condemn it by the same standard … [Read more...]

What’s hiding behind attacks on circumcision?

The climate of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hatred is widespread in Europe … [Read more...]

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