Top German court affirms ruling synagogue arson not antisemitic

2014 attack ruled expression of anti-Israel, not anti-Jewish, protest … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Khamenei’s anti-Israel, anti-US tirade is truth of nuclear deal

Ayatollah: US remains the Great Satan and Iran will destroy Israel … [Read more...]

Obama is neither anti-Israel nor anti-Jewish

I am reminded why I supported him twice for president … [Read more...]

Netanyahu and Rivlin refuse to meet with ‘anti-Israel’ Jimmy Carter

Decline invites to meet with former president during upcoming visit … [Read more...]

Hagee: I meant to call Obama ‘anti-Israel’

‘While I regret my misstatement, I stand behind my prepared remarks’ … [Read more...]

UNRWA: A Palestinian, anti-Israel, non-territorial government

UNRWA’s existence is the problem; reforms are not possible … [Read more...]

What’s hiding behind attacks on circumcision?

The climate of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hatred is widespread in Europe … [Read more...]

Muslims prepare to mark Quds Day in 80 countries

Khamenei declares ‘Palestine will be free’; Natorei Karta sect to join London protest … [Read more...]

Anti-Israel statement from 2002 may haunt Power’s UN envoy bid

Called for aid to be shifted to Palestinians, force to protect against ‘Israeli aggression’ … [Read more...]

Counterattacks cause major failures, minor successes for anti-Israel hackers

#OpIsrael failed to ‘erase Israel from the Internet,’ but it did cause a nuisance … [Read more...]

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