US envoy Friedman visits American, Israeli firefighters battling arson attacks from Gaza

Visit to Sderot comes as rescue services battle four blazes … [Read more...]

Israeli, Palestinian and American collaboration saves life of Nablus teen

17-year-old girl had serious and rare endocrine disorder … [Read more...]

Baby girl killed in Jerusalem is an American, US official says

Grandfather mourns the loss of infant Chaya Zissel Braun … [Read more...]

American F-18s strike Gaza

US and media consider Israel’s attack on Hamas to be unrighteous … [Read more...]

Israel rejects Palestinian, American call for early prisoner release

Netanyahu also fends off right-wing call to cancel release due to terrorism … [Read more...]

Jerusalem, city without a country

Americans born in Jerusalem are forbidden to denote Israel as their birthplace on passports … [Read more...]

US, Israeli, EU lawmakers to call for united Jerusalem

American, Israeli, European lawmakers to take part in a rare event making the city's reunification … [Read more...]

Texas Baptist pledges life insurance benefit to Kaplan Hospital

Volunteer pledges life insurance payout would be used to buy advanced medical equipment … [Read more...]

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