America puts Hamas chief Haniyeh on terrorist blacklist

Freezes any US-based assets and bans doing business with him … [Read more...]

The uprising of the scorned

A populist revolution is under way in Britain, Europe and now in America … [Read more...]

America the day after the election

Divided across racial, ethnic, gender, religious, class lines – and violent … [Read more...]

ISIS sex slave survivor tells Congress: America must terminate terrorists

Former Yazidi sex slave Nadia Murad escaped in 2014 … [Read more...]

Evangelical leaders say America must welcome Syrian refugees

'Jesus himself was a refugee' … [Read more...]

America boycotting the boycotters

BDS is not a human rights movement; it is a scheme to harm Israel … [Read more...]

US remains Iran’s ‘No. 1 enemy,’ says powerful cleric

Despite nuclear deal, ayatollah says America will always be enemy … [Read more...]

Radical Islam has just won its second war against America

Jimmy Carter was the first president to lose a war to radical Islam … [Read more...]

America needs clarity and conviction of purpose in the Middle East

Failure to follow through on our promises makes US look like a paper tiger … [Read more...]

America, wake up!

Unless Pollard is freed, Israel’s good relationship with US is an illusion … [Read more...]

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