In sign of stability, Syria’s Assad names new defense and other ministers

Assad appears militarily unassailable, but relies heavily on his allies … [Read more...]

Bloomberg: Putin plans air strikes in Syria if no US deal reached

Putin wants US and its allies to coordinate campaign against ISIS … [Read more...]

Pope: Why didn’t the allies bomb the railway lines to Auschwitz?

‘People call themselves Christian and they manufacture weapons’ … [Read more...]

Netanyahu to France: Renounce miserable actions of Orange telecom

Calls on allies to unconditionally oppose boycotts of the Jewish state … [Read more...]

US-Israel ties strained over east Jerusalem building plans

Washington: Project will distance Israel from allies; PM rejects criticism … [Read more...]

US, allies bomb Islamic State targets in Syria

First coalition air strikes against Islamist terrorist organization … [Read more...]

Hezbollah admits its troops fighting in Syria

Sheikh Nasrallah tells followers that if Syria falls to US and its allies, Israel will invade Lebanon … [Read more...]

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