Algeria: Christian family not allowed to bury son in public cemetery

The mosque demanded Islamic burial rites to bury son in the cemetery … [Read more...]

Christian convert in Algeria risks losing daughter for new faith

Court tells Ali Touahir to renounce his faith if he wishes to see daughter … [Read more...]

Algeria upholds conviction of Christian convert from Islam; sentence rescinded, fine increased

Ibaouene convicted of ‘inciting a Muslim with pressure to change his religion’ … [Read more...]

Algeria’s Kabylie province seeks friendship with Israel

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—The president in exile of a formerly sovereign Algerian province says his people wishes to secede from Algeria and regain their independence, using Israel as a … [Read more...]

Algeria refuses to bury Toulouse gunman

PARIS (JWN and agencies)—Algerian authorities have refused a request by Mohamed Benalel Merah to bury the body of his son, Mohamed, in his native Algeria. Mohamed Merah was shot dead by police last … [Read more...]

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