Obama: ‘Very real chance’ of agreement with Iran

Pushes partnerships in confronting Tehran, Assad, and al-Qaeda … [Read more...]

Al-Qaeda plotted bombing US Embassy in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem center

Gaza terrorist recruited Jerusalem Palestinians for attacks … [Read more...]

Al-Qaeda biological weapons expert al-Barq held in Israel for three years

Feared liable to boost local terrorism; Arab countries refuse asylum … [Read more...]

Syrian army retakes ancient Christian town of Sadad

Regime takes back control from al-Qaeda-linked militants … [Read more...]

Destroying chemical stockpile to cost $1 billion, says Assad

Syrian president claims 80-90 percent of rebels affiliated with al-Qaeda … [Read more...]

Poison gas and poisoned hearts

Radical Islam’s demons of death are a mutating virus of terror … [Read more...]

Four rockets fired into northern Israel by al-Qaeda-inspired group

One downed by Iron Dome; Netanyahu: We’ll harm anyone who harms us … [Read more...]

Iron Dome intercepts rocket bound for Eilat

Al-Qaeda-linked group claims attack, says ‘Jews will pay the price’ … [Read more...]

CIA official says Syria crisis a top threat to US security

‘Volatile mix of al-Qaeda extremism and civil war’ is most pressing world issue, says CIA deputy chief … [Read more...]

Al-Qaeda-linked rebels capture Syrian air base near Turkey

Car bomb rips through pro-regime district close to Damascus, killing at least 18 … [Read more...]

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