The real reason Americans support Israel (hint: it’s not AIPAC)

The not-so-secret history of Christian Zionism and its legacy … [Read more...]

Israel advocacy groups unite to pressure Rand Paul over hold on Israel aid

AIPAC asks Kentuckians to urge senator: Stop blocking aid to Israel … [Read more...]

UN obstructs Israeli-Palestinian peace, US Ambassador Haley says

Nikki Haley tells AIPAC that Israel ‘is not going away’ … [Read more...]

‘AIPAC falsely claims Israel supports two-state option,’ right-wingers say

Settlers oppose both AIPAC and official Israeli government policy … [Read more...]

UN Ambassador Danny Danon decries UN inaction on Iran at AIPAC

The international community must recognize the threat Iran poses … [Read more...]

At AIPAC, Dershowitz pulls water out of thin air

Jurist and pro-Israel activist showcases Israeli technology … [Read more...]

Former Hamas successor to AIPAC: Christ taught me to love your enemy

‘What is a son of a Hamas leader doing in a big Jewish event?’ … [Read more...]

Netanyahu to AIPAC: Reports of demise in ties with US are ‘just wrong’

But days are over when Jews remain silent in face of annihilation threats … [Read more...]

Without getting personal, Netanyahu hits back at Obama at AIPAC

PM argues against White House thinking on Iran and Palestinians … [Read more...]

Kerry tells AIPAC: US will not allow the West Bank to become Gaza

Suggests Arab neighbors would invest millions in Israel if peace achieved … [Read more...]

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