The liberal left and world chaos

Self-loathing has replaced righteous indignation and begets appeasement … [Read more...]

Israel’s greatest nightmare

The worst nightmare would be for Obama to spinelessly back down from Iran … [Read more...]

A mighty hand and an outstretched arm

A window is now open for Israel to put an end to Iran’s nuclear pursuits … [Read more...]

The Iranian cult

Iran is really governed by Ayatollah Khamenei, head of the Twelvers cult … [Read more...]

Six questions for Iran’s President Rouhani

Absence of Ahmadinejad-like incendiary rhetoric is no cause for celebration … [Read more...]

Steinitz: Iran’s Rouhani plotting deceptive charm offensive

‘Rouhani smarter than Ahmadinejad; seeks nukes as fake moderate’ … [Read more...]

Ahmadinejad says Holocaust denial was his major achievement

Iran broadcasts boast in Farsi, but Fars English news website does not report his comments … [Read more...]

Surprise: Report finds Iran among worst violators of religious freedom

Singles out Ahmadinejad and Khamenei for harsh crackdown on non-Islamic religions … [Read more...]

Iran’s incitement to genocide

Americans have come to discount repeated statements on Israel and Zionism by Iran’s Ahmadinejad … [Read more...]

T is for terror

The US is at war against terror. Bin Laden is dead; ground zero for world terror is now Iran … [Read more...]

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