Abbas: ‘We say 1,000 times: No, no and no to the Deal of the Century’

‘Jerusalem is not for sale’; reaffirms opposition to terrorism … [Read more...]

Abbas: We’re waiting for Israel’s approval to hold elections in Jerusalem

Will he use the issue of east Jerusalem as an excuse not to hold the vote? … [Read more...]

Abbas: No elections without Gaza, Jerusalem; ‘martyrs’ are not terrorists

‘The elections protect our legitimacy and existence and cause’ … [Read more...]

Abbas: Settlements will be swept away, Palestinians came from ancient Canaanites

PA president says Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians … [Read more...]

Abbas: Bahrain summit a ‘big lie’ invented by Kushner to ‘make a fool’ of us

PA president outlines conditions to resume talks with Washington … [Read more...]

Abbas: Before improving our economy, there must be a political solution

Says 'there is no potential for a political solution' with Trump … [Read more...]

Abbas: ‘Europe invented Zionism and Israel… let’s not fool ourselves’

Also doubts Arab world will help Palestinians overcome financial crisis … [Read more...]

Abbas: Trump has nothing to offer us, Netanyahu doesn’t believe in peace

Fatah: Arab states pressuring Palestinians to accept ‘deal of the century’ … [Read more...]

Rejecting Israeli ‘piracy,’ Abbas says payments to ‘martyrs’ will continue

PA refuses to accept any payment from Israel if ‘missing one penny’ … [Read more...]

Abbas: Netanyahu gives Hamas money and we pay the price when they attack

Says the PA knows that Hamas was behind the attacks … [Read more...]

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