A-G recognizes constitutional rights of non-Orthodox Jews at Western Wall

Mandelblit: Progressive Jewish prayer is a protected right … [Read more...]

A-G defends ‘democratic’ anti-Netanyahu demos outside his home

Mandelblit says right to demonstrate is essential to democracy … [Read more...]

Mandelblit’s time of decision

A-G’s handling of divisive issues shows government’s dysfunctionality … [Read more...]

Mandelblit, who made Western Wall deal, says he won’t enforce it as A-G

As cabinet secretary had political role, as attorney-general a legal one … [Read more...]

A-G said mulling probe of Barak for leaked Iran tapes

After ex-defense minister reveals aborted Israeli plans to hit Iran … [Read more...]

Far-right activist Meir Ettinger to be kept in detention

A-G says Kahane’s grandson can be held in administrative detention … [Read more...]

High Court allows Jerusalem Day march through Old City’s Muslim Quarter

A-G: Marchers who call ‘death to Arabs’ should be arrested … [Read more...]

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