‘Boko Haram has killed 8,000 members of our church’

Says Nigerian pastor of 176 kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls … [Read more...]

On the eve of Independence Day, Israeli population stands at 8,345,000

67 years ago, the population was approximately 806,000 residents … [Read more...]

Olive oil dating back 8,000 years found in northern Israel

Clay shards found in Lower Galilee reveal evidence of oldest use of oil … [Read more...]

Israeli population climbs to 8,904,373 ahead of Jewish New Year

Increases by 173,811 persons; 24,801 new immigrants in past year … [Read more...]

8,500-year-old skeletons found at bottom of ancient well

Remains of young woman and older man found at Neolithic well in Jezreel Valley … [Read more...]

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