Anomalous blue-eyed people came to Israel 6,500 years ago from Iran, DNA shows

Bones from Galilee necropolis fill 3,000-year gap in knowledge of Levant … [Read more...]

Tel Aviv lending depot makes living more affordable

Offers household goods, drills, beach umbrellas and more for just $3 … [Read more...]

Gaza cement deliveries resume after Israel lifts ban

Some 90 trucks carrying 3,200 tons of building material to enter Gaza soon … [Read more...]

IS-inspired Gaza Salafists claim to have 3,000 fighters

Jihadists' priority is to ‘kill the Jews, the enemies of God’ … [Read more...]

Man arrested attempting to sell 3,000 stolen ancient coins on black market

Thousands of coins represent 2,500 years of history in the Land of Israel … [Read more...]

Operation Protective Edge by the numbers

Some 900 terrorists killed; Hamas, Islamic Jihad launched 3,356 rockets … [Read more...]

Israel’s response to PA unity gov’t: 3,000 new housing units beyond Green Line

Move was to follow prisoner release but delayed by collapse of peace talks … [Read more...]

Radical Islamists take hammer to Syrian artifacts

Islamists smash 3,000-year-old Assyrian statue in act of cultural genocide … [Read more...]

3,300-year-old Egyptian coffin found in Jezreel Valley

Ancient Egyptians ruled what is now Israel in Late Bronze Age … [Read more...]

Archeologists discover 3,800-year-old biblical fortress in City of David

15-year excavation yields find from time of Kings David and Solomon … [Read more...]

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