Netanyahu authorizes immigration of 1,000 Ethiopian Falashmura to Israel

But 7,000 others still waiting for government approval to make aliyah … [Read more...]

1,020 untouched clay seals discovered after two millennia in hidden cave

Hellenistic-era trove highlights ancient cosmopolitan city of Maresha … [Read more...]

Spa and game room found at 1,700-year-old pottery workshop in Israel

With 20 hot and cold baths and a kitted-out break room … [Read more...]

While building museum to house stunning Lod mosaic, researchers unearth another

1,700-year-old Roman villa discovered 20 years ago under a garbage dump … [Read more...]

Unusual minuscule, 1,000-year-old Arabic clay amulet unearthed in City of David

Discovered in ongoing dig near Old City of Jerusalem, praises Allah … [Read more...]

1,100 Christian Zionist leaders celebrate Israel’s 70th in Dallas

Gather with FOZ founder Dr. Mike Evans to celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday … [Read more...]

Ten of thousands parade through capital’s Old City during annual Flag March

1,750 police deployed to secure rally passing through Muslim Quarter … [Read more...]

Dozens of Arabs try to breach fence during sixth week of Gaza protests

1,000 injuries reported as Palestinians torch own gas, fuel supplies … [Read more...]

Divers find huge trove of statues, coins in 1,600-year-old shipwreck

In ‘biggest find in 30 years,’ archaeologists rescue rare bronze figures … [Read more...]

ISIS destroys a 1,400-year-old monastery in Iraq

6th century monastery served Mosul's Christian citizens for 1,400 years … [Read more...]

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