Iran blames Israel, US for military parade attack as death toll climbs to 29

Islamic State, anti-government Arab group both claim responsibility … [Read More...]

Former PM Olmert meets with PA President Abbas in Paris

Likud: Olmert offered the Western Wall to Abbas and is his loyal spokesman … [Read More...]

Israel to withhold Palestinian funds over salary for family of Ari Fuld’s killer

Finance minister says other economic measures being weighed … [Read More...]

Nikki Haley: Iran proxies reportedly developing missile production in Iraq

‘There's no Mideast conflict that does not have Iran’s fingerprints on it’ … [Read More...]

Abbas to French leader: ‘We can resume negotiations’

‘We have not rejected negotiations, as the Israelis say. Netanyahu refused’ … [Read More...]

Pastors in China prepared to lose their lives for preaching the gospel

Threaten to defy the ongoing communist crackdown … [Read More...]

Why these Dutch Christians are celebrating Sukkot

A growing number of Protestants embrace some Hebrew holidays … [Read More...]

Abbas bluster at UN isn’t what should worry Israel

PA chief prepared to deny funds to Gaza if his demands to Hamas not met … [Read More...]

Shimon Peres: Oslo’s forgotten loser

Misread Arabs, but saw the despair that sparked wars and the refugee crisis … [Read More...]

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Nasrallah: Despite Israel’s efforts, Hezbollah has acquired ‘precision missiles’

Says Israeli strikes in Syria have failed to thwart weapons deliveries … [Read More...]

US envoy: Abbas pay to family of terrorist who killed Ari Fuld is unconscionable

Friedman says such payments must stop ‘if there is to be any hope of … [Read More...]

Ten east Jerusalem residents arrested over violent Temple Mount clashes

Arrests made over July incident which left four police officers … [Read More...]

Civil Service Commission drops probe into Keyes’s alleged misconduct in Israel

Says spokesman’s behavior not a criminal or disciplinary offense … [Read More...]

After long wait, Jerusalem-Tel Aviv fast rail finally almost nearly arrives

Netanyahu inaugurates ‘King David Line’ from capial to Ben-Gurion … [Read More...]

181 Christian Montagnard refugees still detained in Bangkok

Most have either refugee or asylum status or are seeking asylum … [Read More...]

His own brain tumor spurs entrepreneur to develop life-saving surgical device

Avi Yaron develops 3D tool that helps doctors visualize tumor sites … [Read More...]

Trump’s Iran sanctions are working

Like rats leaving a sinking ship, countries have bailed on the Iran … [Read More...]

Air space

Syria fired missiles that hit a Russian IL-20 aircraft … [Read More...]

Putin says Israel did not shoot down Russian plane, calls it a tragic accident

Moscow first blamed Israel after Syria hit Russian spy plane, killing … [Read More...]

Two Palestinians killed in fresh Gaza border clash

Two others killed in airstrike while placing suspicious object near … [Read More...]

Terrorist killed attempting Yom Kippur stabbing at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate

Police kill assailant attacking Jewish man at start of fast … [Read More...]

Haredi MK Gafni nearly lynched on Yom Kippur eve for support of conscription

Haredi assailants call Gafni ‘murderer,’ break the windows of his car … [Read More...]

Rare baby rhino born in Ramat Gan Safari

Newborn is a southern white rhinoceros, a species near extinction … [Read More...]

Are Iraq’s empty churches future mosques?

Long before ISIS the slow eradication of Christianity from Iraq was … [Read More...]

The Yom Kippur War: When Israel’s Arabs didn’t rise up

Near Nazareth, Arab women gave soft drinks, sandwiches for the troops … [Read More...]

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