Netanyahu lauds Trump decision to eliminate Iran oil waivers

‘This is the way to confront Iranian aggression and to prevent it’ … [Read More...]

Ukraine is first country outside Israel with Jewish president and PM

Comedian Zelensky elected president, PM is politician Groysman … [Read More...]

100,000 visit Western Wall for Priestly Blessing

Blessing takes place twice a year, during Passover and Sukkot … [Read More...]

17 Christians massacred during celebration in Nigeria

Fulani terrorists attack a baptism; among dead are mother and baby … [Read More...]

Will defense ties increase between Israel and Ukraine?

US allocates more than $1.3 billion to strengthen Kiev … [Read More...]

Iranian chess champion forfeits match with Israeli in Germany

Second incident since Rilton Cup forfeited in Sweden in January … [Read More...]

Reverse exodus: Defying terrorism warning, 20,000+ Israelis in Sinai for Passover

Vacationers ignore ‘a very high concrete threat’ of attacks … [Read More...]

Passover brings big political appetites

This is the case with all of Netanyahu's potential coalition partners … [Read More...]

Assault on religion

Dreadful attacks on churches from Europe to Africa and Asia … [Read More...]

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Sri Lanka Easter bombing attacks toll hits 290, with 500 wounded

Coordinated attacks rip through hotels and churches throughout country … [Read More...]

Abbas: Trump has nothing to offer us, Netanyahu doesn’t believe in peace

Fatah: Arab states pressuring Palestinians to accept ‘deal of the … [Read More...]

Christians crowd Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulchre church to mark Easter

Eastern Orthodox Christians celebrate on April 28 … [Read More...]

Kushner: UNRWA corrupt and doesn’t help peace

‘Sometimes you have to strategically risk breaking things’ … [Read More...]

Pilgrims celebrate Good Friday in Jerusalem procession

Carrying wooden crosses and singing hymns through Via Dolorosa … [Read More...]

Polish crowd beats, burns Judas effigy with hat, sidelocks of ultra-Orthodox Jew

Village residents stage public trial for Jesus’s betrayer … [Read More...]

Mount Hermon gets Passover snow dusting for first time in 22 years

Resort closes as rare springtime storm hits Israel, foiling holiday … [Read More...]

Evangelical leader accuses AOC of ‘Goebbels-style’ propaganda

Laurie Cardoza-Moore calls out AOC for ‘trivializing the Holocaust’ … [Read More...]

Why is the Last Supper on a different night than all other Seder nights?

Passover and Easter linked when Jesus had a Seder soon before … [Read More...]

IDF general: Hezbollah still planning Galilee invasion, despite anti-tunnel op

Ground Forces chief predicts decisive Israeli victory in a future war … [Read More...]

Hamas: Israel agreed to lift Gaza import restrictions on many ‘dual-use’ goods

Warns that Gazans could renew incendiary balloon launches, protests … [Read More...]

Trump envoy pans new Palestinian prime minister for prejudging peace plan

PA says any initiative must establish a sovereign Palestinian state … [Read More...]

Activists, journalists detained over Passover sacrifice attempt at Temple Mount

‘Haaretz’ editor calls to release seized cameras and equipment … [Read More...]

Justice Ministry, battle with High Court in focus as Netanyahu builds coalition

PM intends to limit court’s ability to overturn laws … [Read More...]

Easter in Jerusalem 2019

A rundown of the annual religious events in the Old City … [Read More...]

Medieval Haggadah on public exhibit after a century

The manuscript features seventy-five water color paintings … [Read More...]

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