Trump promises decision ‘very quickly’ on response to Syrian gas attack

Lists Iran, Russia as likely suspects, says even Putin will 'pay the price' … [Read more...]

New bodily ‘organ’ discovered; may play role in spread of cancer

Finding of interstitium has potential to drive dramatic advances … [Read more...]

More than 60 ambassadors join Israel at UN Seder

Traditional Passover ceremony attended by envoys from four continents … [Read more...]

British FM: Russia hosting World Cup is like Nazi Germany hosting Olympics

Boris Johnson: Putin engaging in a ‘public relations exercise’ … [Read more...]

US Ambassador Haley tells UN Russia responsible for UK chemical attack

‘The US believes Russia is responsible for military-grade nerve agent’ … [Read more...]

Central African Republic church elder among six aid workers hacked to death

Some shot dead; others had their throats slit. Their car was also torched … [Read more...]

Florida condo bans Bible study, Christian music in commons areas

Residents also told to remove religious symbols from the property … [Read more...]

Putin says Jews might have been behind US election interference

Tells Washington to send him hard evidence of Russian meddling … [Read more...]

1946 US report says ‘Poles persecuted the Jews as vigorously as did the Germans’

Long history of Polish antisemitism before, during and after Holocaust … [Read more...]

In first, German coalition agreement slams settlements, Jerusalem recognition

Also unprecedented is calls for 'democratic progress' in Ramallah … [Read more...]

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