Britain singles out Israel in effort to ‘protect’ Palestinian minors

UK does not seek to protect rights of underage detainees anywhere else … [Read more...]

Trump: In remembering the Holocaust, we must stamp out antisemitism

In a special message to the assembly of the World Jewish Congress … [Read more...]

Nikki Haley urges UN to shift its criticism from Israel to Iran

At Security Council US envoy bemoans ‘absurd’ bias against Jewish state … [Read more...]

Spicer: ‘I let the president down’ over Hitler comments

Press secretary says timing ‘compounds’ his ‘reprehensible’ mistake … [Read more...]

Jewish center in Sweden closes after antisemitic threats

Umea Jews say neo-Nazi Nordfront behind intimidation, vandalism … [Read more...]

Russian poet Evgeny Yevtushenko, who broke silence over Babi Yar, dies at 84

Famous poem commemorated the massacre of 33,771 Jews at the Kiev ravine … [Read more...]

Greenblatt: Peace deal would ‘reverberate’ through the world

At Arab Summit, US envoy says Trump has ‘personal interest’ in a deal … [Read more...]

JCCs, Jewish schools in US hit by fresh wave of bomb threats

Centers in 10 states threatened and evacuated … [Read more...]

‘Pandemic’ of worldwide antisemitism threatens US, warns Jewish leader

Hoenlein calls for global summit to combat the phenomenon … [Read more...]

BDS activist raises $56,000 for vandalized Jewish cemetery

Palestinian-American hopes to bring ‘a sense of security’ to US Jews … [Read more...]

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