Australia PM flip flops on Jerusalem embassy, calls conversation premature

Prime Minister Scott Morrison: ‘I'll announce it when I’m ready' … [Read more...]

Pro-Israel caucus formed in Zambian parliament

Anti-Israel vote in UN proves ‘we have work to do’ … [Read more...]

Irish FM terms US ambassador’s Hanukkah tweet ‘provocative and biased’

Friedman's tweet was retweeted 530 times and garnered over 1,600 ‘likes’ … [Read more...]

Israeli experts pan Chinese gene-editing as ‘drastic’ human experimentation

Such a large change to humanity should consult with the human race … [Read more...]

A third of Europeans say Jews too politically influential, poll finds

CNN survey demonstrates prevalent antisemitic attitudes in Europe … [Read more...]

Democrats warn Trump after Attorney-General Sessions forced out

If president meddles in Mueller probe, ‘he must be held accountable’ … [Read more...]

Trump yet to appoint traditional envoys amid antisemitism crisis

Administration declines to appoint envoys to the fight against antisemitism … [Read more...]

Week after Pittsburgh massacre, far-right hate platform back online

Favored by Robert Bowers, Gab is used by neo-Nazis and white nationalists … [Read more...]

Days after synagogue massacre, online hate is thriving

Victories are hard to come by in the battle against Internet hate groups … [Read more...]

Tree of Life rabbi ‘pleasantly surprised’ by Trump’s personal side

Jeffrey Myers says he saw the president in a way ‘America has never seen’ … [Read more...]

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