Christians: Pakistan plans to destroy minority identities in Parliament

Constitutional change would create ‘Muslim’ and ‘Non-Muslim’ categories … [Read more...]

Bulgarian website names ‘US citizen David Jepson’ as suspect in Burgas attack

Other report says two accomplices still at large … [Read more...]

Hungary arrests world’s most-wanted Nazi war criminal

Laszlo Csatary helped deport 16,000 Jews to Auschwitz … [Read more...]

Christian worker in Kyrgyzstan attacked by Islamist mob

Worker and friends attacked distributing humanitarian items … [Read more...]

50 Christians burned alive by Islamist terrorists in Nigerian pastor’s home

Boko Haram murdered group that fled for refuge from terrorist attack … [Read more...]

Pakistan Christians demand release of mother on death row for blasphemy

Asia Bibi sentenced to death on false accusations of sacrilege … [Read more...]

US stands aside as Israel excluded from second counterterrorism parley

A Palestinian suicide bomber struck Jerusalem's Sbarro pizzeria in 2001, murdering 15. (Flash90) … [Read more...]

Malaysia’s Christians fear backlash over Israel

Life has not been easy for those returning from a trip to the Holy Land … [Read more...]

Romans to demonstrate for Middle East Christians

Italy concerned about tragic situation of Christians in Islamic world … [Read more...]

US believes Syria moving part of chemical warfare stockpile

Shift of sarin nerve gas, mustard gas, cyanide may show intent to use … [Read more...]

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