Iran, Hezbollah establish training base in Nicaragua

Costa Rica warns of Tehran’s growing influence in the region … [Read more...]

Democrats reject Republican criticism of Jerusalem policy

Republicans slam Obama for 2012 platform that doesn’t recognize Jerusalem as capital … [Read more...]

Pakistani cleric faces possible blasphemy charge for framing Christian girl

Police investigating whether Muslim cleric should be charged with insulting Islam himself … [Read more...]

Romney: Obama has thrown allies like Israel under the bus

‘Every American is less secure today because he has failed to slow Iran’s nuclear threat’ … [Read more...]

French probe deepens confusion over Arafat’s death

Widow’s sudden reluctance to allow exhumation adds intrigue to bizarre saga … [Read more...]

France opens Arafat murder enquiry

In response to family’s claim PLO leader died of radioactive polonium poisoning … [Read more...]

What’s next for jailed Pakistani Christian girl?

International outcry continues over arrest of Christian girl charged with blasphemy … [Read more...]

Ramadan: Islam’s ‘holy month’ of Christian oppression

The month of renewed Muslim piety was also one of renewed oppression of non-Muslims … [Read more...]

Slim hopes and new fears as atomic officials set to parley with Iran

IAEA officials are looking for access to Parchin nuclear site … [Read more...]

Indyk: US expected Israel to strike Iran last spring

Former US envoy says Washington feels duped by Netanyahu and Barak … [Read more...]

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