Jewish groups applaud Presbyterian vote against divestment

But decry ‘vehement anti-Israel sentiment’ during the debate … [Read more...]

58 Christians killed in Nigerian religious violence, raids

At least 50 pastors and missionary leaders reported killed … [Read more...]

Boko Haram terrorizes northern Nigeria Christians

Responsible for attacks on churches throughout Muslim north … [Read more...]

Church of England weighs link to anti-Israel group

Assembly to vote on formal links to ‘Palestine’ … [Read more...]

Islamist groups join together to further threaten African Christians

Three groups networking to increase attacks on Christians … [Read more...]

US Presbyterian Church rejects divestment of companies in Israel

General Assembly votes down proposal to divest three major companies … [Read more...]

What do you know about Tuvalu?

By MIKE EVANS Tuvalu. It sounds faintly like a new sushi roll. It is, unfortunately, not that innocuous. Tuvalu is a nine-island nation in the Polynesian chain that sits midway between the Hawaiian … [Read more...]

Christians, Muslims in Kenya vow to keep peace amid arrests in deadly church attacks

More than 30 arrested in twin church bombings that killed 17 … [Read more...]

Nigerian Christian worship subdued by church bombings

More than 100 killed last week in bombings and retaliation (Times of India). … [Read more...]

US pro-Israel groups urge Presbyterian Church to abandon Israel divestment

Caterpillar is one of the companies the church is proposing to divest from (Flash90). … [Read more...]

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