Worshipers wounded as Nigeria Islamists attack Catholic church

Boko Haran gunmen exchange fire with police guards … [Read more...]

Missing Christian children found in radical madrasas in Bangladesh

Children taken under false pretenses and trafficked for jihad … [Read more...]

‘Hezbollah can hit Europe any time, without warning’

Washington announces sanctions against Lebanon-based terrorist group … [Read more...]

Nigerian Army kills 20 Boko Haram Islamists

Terrorist group has massacred hundreds of Christians … [Read more...]

Israel to launch two major projects in Africa

Warmer ties emerging from growing Islamic radicalism, Iran concerns … [Read more...]

Nigerians slam government for failing to halt terrorist attacks on Christians

Muslim and Christian leaders call for action against Islamist group Boko Haram … [Read more...]

New intelligence finds Iranian nuclear bomb advancing faster than thought

US, Britain, France, Germany, and Israel agree on assessment … [Read more...]

Disputes on Iran remain between Israel, US after Panetta meetings

Allies disagree over time left to stop Tehran’s nuclear program … [Read more...]

State Department reports growing global anti-Semitism

Report also details persecution of Christians and Baha’is in Iran … [Read more...]

China: Romney lacks Mideast facts

Says his asserting Israel’s capital is Jerusalem “totally neglects historical facts” … [Read more...]

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