Indyk: US expected Israel to strike Iran last spring

Former US envoy says Washington feels duped by Netanyahu and Barak … [Read more...]

Iran’s supreme leader orders fresh terror attacks on West

Khamenei calls for new attacks on West for supporting Assad’s overthrow … [Read more...]

German rabbi charged with performing circumcision

Rabbi indicted for committing bodily harm, in first case under new court ruling … [Read more...]

Disabled Christian girl, 11, arrested for ‘blasphemy’ in Pakistan

Girl with Down’s syndrome held for destroying religious text … [Read more...]

United Church of Canada blasted over Israel resolution

Lack of recognition of Israel as Jewish state raises ire of Jewish, Christian critics … [Read more...]

Belgistan? Sharia showdown looms in Brussels – a special CBN report

Some of Belgium’s Christians are calling it the Muslim capital of Europe … [Read more...]

Organization of Islamic Cooperation suspends Syria

Cites Assad's violent suppression of the Syrian revolt … [Read more...]

United Church of Canada affirms Israeli settlements boycott

Church votes to boycott goods produced in West Bank, east Jerusalem … [Read more...]

Worshipers wounded as Nigeria Islamists attack Catholic church

Boko Haran gunmen exchange fire with police guards … [Read more...]

Missing Christian children found in radical madrasas in Bangladesh

Children taken under false pretenses and trafficked for jihad … [Read more...]

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