Nigerian security forces kill two senior Boko Haram leaders

Terrorist group has massacred scores of Christians since 2009 … [Read more...]

French magazine publishes cartoons of Muhammad in ‘daring positions’

‘Charlie Hebdo’ offices were firebombed last year for offending Islam … [Read more...]

Seven dead after violent protests spread across Muslim world

UN condemns attacks; US school burned in Tunis; German Embassy torched in Khartoum … [Read more...]

Nigeria’s anti-Christian terrorist group gets arms from Libya

Ghaddafi's fall has fuelled Boko Haram’s massacres … [Read more...]

United Nations nuclear agency board rebukes Tehran

Condemns Iran’s defying demands to curb uranium enrichment and ongoing weapons research … [Read more...]

Israel’s UN envoy urges world boycott of Ahmadinejad speech

Prosor: Iran’s nuclear program is like an express train, while the world is on a local train … [Read more...]

Man admits role in anti-Islam ‘Innocence of Muslims’ movie

Film's key player is a southern Californian Coptic Christian with a checkered past … [Read more...]

Jewish hostage held in Pakistan appeals to Netanyahu for help

Warren Weinstein, held by Al-Qaeda, says Obama has shown no interest in his case … [Read more...]

Canada severs ties with Iran over nuclear program and incitement against Israel

Netanyahu praises Ottawa’s ‘bold and leader-like step’ … [Read more...]

Christian girl’s release from Pakistani prison to be determined Saturday

Hope for release on bail after Muslim cleric arrested for allegedly framing her … [Read more...]

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