‘Pandemic’ of worldwide antisemitism threatens US, warns Jewish leader

Hoenlein calls for global summit to combat the phenomenon … [Read more...]

BDS activist raises $56,000 for vandalized Jewish cemetery

Palestinian-American hopes to bring ‘a sense of security’ to US Jews … [Read more...]

White House, Ivanka Trump denounce JCC bomb threats

Trump spokesman calls such actions ‘unacceptable’ … [Read more...]

Alt-right website tries to weed out Jews from drug reform

A neo-Nazi ‘news’ outlet claims ‘kikes’ behind attacks on A-G Jeff Sessions … [Read more...]

German news agency ‘regrets’ antisemitic conspiracy about Trump

Outrage over claim Trump was elevated ‘by influential Jewish sponsors’ … [Read more...]

Syrian Christians in Pennsylvania back refugee ban: ‘Trump is right’

‘We don't want to see a religious conflict over here’ … [Read more...]

Christian leaders question Trump’s promise to favor Christian refugees

Some say refugee ban challenges ethic of welcoming the stranger … [Read more...]

US to halt funding for UN agencies, groups that give PA membership

Trump said set to stop payments to groups linked to terrorist states … [Read more...]

Archbishop of Canterbury tries to save Iraqi Christian from deportation

Christian who fled Islamic State facing deportation home … [Read more...]

Trump inauguration rabbi attacked with antisemitic hate speech

‘People who don’t like Jews saw a Jew stand up proudly before the world’ … [Read more...]

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