Trump inauguration rabbi attacked with antisemitic hate speech

‘People who don’t like Jews saw a Jew stand up proudly before the world’ … [Read more...]

German court criticized for not banning neo-Nazi-linked party

Auschwitz survivors group, WJC warn against underestimating far-right … [Read more...]

Top German court affirms ruling synagogue arson not antisemitic

2014 attack ruled expression of anti-Israel, not anti-Jewish, protest … [Read more...]

Top 50 most dangerous countries for Christians ranked in new report

North Korea once again tops the Open Doors World Watch List … [Read more...]

Christians rescued from Middle East Muslim terrorists

Hundreds moving to Australia under Barnabas Fund program … [Read more...]

2017 to bring rise in violent persecution of Christians worldwide

Christians in Islamic countries, India, and China face heightened threats … [Read more...]

160 worshiping Christians killed when Nigerian church roof collapses

Reigners Bible Church International building in Uyo caves in … [Read more...]

Three Christian leaders from the Middle East denied entry to the UK

Archbishops from Iraq and Syria barred from meeting Prince Charles … [Read more...]

Persecuted Christians need your support, EU officials told

Bishop: They need support, material support, and a safe place … [Read more...]

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