Trump in State of the Union links Iran threat to Tree of Life massacre

The US has confronted the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism … [Read more...]

With diverse experience, new US antisemitism monitor ‘great fit’ for the job

Elan Carr’s rich background gives him the ability to see the big picture … [Read more...]

US Jewish leader accuses Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib of antisemitism

Hoenlein also says Airbnb’s delisting settlements opens a Pandora’s box … [Read more...]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed for call with Corbyn

Freshman congresswoman uninformed about Corbyn’s antisemitism … [Read more...]

20% of Canadian young adults say never heard of the Holocaust

49% of respondents unable to name a single camp or ghetto … [Read more...]

Trudeau blasts BDS movement as antisemitic

‘Demonizing Jewish students and Israel unacceptable to Canadian values’ … [Read more...]

UK Parliament votes down PM May’s EU divorce deal or Brexit by 230 votes

The Brexit deal is basically dead … [Read more...]

Haley departs UN post, but won’t be silent on Twitter

Her final tweet as ambassador was a parting shot at UNESCO … [Read more...]

In Christmas message, pope hopes Israeli-Palestinian peace talks resume

Francis urges sides to ‘resume dialogue and undertake a journey of peace’ … [Read more...]

‘Financial Times’ names George Soros ‘person of the year’

Says billionaire philanthropist chosen for the values he represents … [Read more...]

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