Trump’s Mideast envoy blasts ‘NY Times’ over ‘dangerous and despicable’ cartoon

Jason Greenblatt calls on newspaper to apologize to Netanyahu and Trump … [Read more...]

ADL: Assaults on US Jews rise in 2018, antisemitism at ‘near-historic’ high

Pittsburgh massacre was single deadliest attack ever on American Jewry … [Read more...]

Family of girl wounded in US shooting had left Israel after rockets hit their home

Says uncle: Life in Sderot prepared him to respond to synagogue attack … [Read more...]

Poland opens hate crime probe into beating, burning of Jewish effigy

Antisemitic Easter revival sparks outrage among both Poles and Jews … [Read more...]

Poland’s Catholic Church condemns Jewish effigy ritual

Church ‘will never tolerate contempt toward any nation, including Jews’ … [Read more...]

Ukraine is first country outside Israel with Jewish president and PM

Comedian Zelensky elected president, PM is politician Groysman … [Read more...]

Polish crowd beats, burns Judas effigy with hat, sidelocks of ultra-Orthodox Jew

Village residents stage public trial for Jesus’s betrayer … [Read more...]

United Nations condemns Islamophobia and antisemitism

Envoy Danon ensures support of resolution mentioning antisemitism … [Read more...]

Envoy recalled, official fired as Somalia uniquely abstains on anti-Israel vote

Chooses not to vote against Israel at major global forum; heads are rolling … [Read more...]

Muslim Council of Foreign Relations member condemns Ilhan Omar for antisemitism

‘She has branded every Muslim in America as an antisemite' … [Read more...]

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