In Somali drought, women fight sexual predators as well as hunger

More than a third of population facing starvation amid rise in assaults … [Read more...]

UNESCO: Hebron heritage request too focused on Muslim history

Third time PA-proposed inscription misses World Heritage in Danger list … [Read more...]

Rabbis, priests, imams say protecting rainforests no joke

Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and Taoist representatives meet … [Read more...]

Israeli official on BBC headline gaffe: These mistakes happen way too often

Biased and misleading headlines abound in the press abroad … [Read more...]

UN envoy on Jerusalem attack: Terrorists should not be extolled as ‘heroes’

Nickolay Mladenov appalled attack was glorified as 'heroic' … [Read more...]

Al Jazeera in controversy after posting antisemitic climate change tweet

Tweet responded to reports that Trump plans to dump Paris Agreement … [Read more...]

Kushner reportedly urged to step aside as FBI investigates Russia contacts

He has offered to share any information on meetings with Russian official … [Read more...]

British family reportedly pelted by stones by youths yelling ‘Jews’

Jewish security watchdog Shomrim accused the Kent police of failing to act … [Read more...]

Putin denies Trump passed Russia secrets reportedly linked to Israel

Ready to provide transcript of Trump's meeting with Lavrov … [Read more...]

Full text of May 2017 UNESCO resolution on ‘Occupied Palestine’

Slams Israel for excavations, tunneling, projects in east Jerusalem … [Read more...]

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