In first, Saudi TV dramas feature character urging Israel ties, Hebrew monologue

Controversy swirls around two Ramadan productions … [Read more...]

Tlaib slammed for failing to mention Jews in Holocaust Remembrance Day tweet

How do you have a Remembrance Day for the Holocaust and not mention Jews?! … [Read more...]

77th anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Revolt marked by small, online ceremonies

Revolt was first mass uprising against Nazi occupation in World War II … [Read more...]

UC Irvine Student Senate repeals BDS resolution

Annuls 2012 call for divesting from Israeli businesses … [Read more...]

Coronavirus travels 13 feet in the air, new study finds

An earlier study by MIT gave the virus the travel range of 23-37 feet … [Read more...]

German magazine stokes ‘antisemitism’ amid coronavirus

Spiegel said Netanyahu created ‘Corona dictatorship’ … [Read more...]

All 16 Dead Sea Scroll fragments at Museum of the Bible are forgeries

Fragments housed at the Washington, D.C., museum are modern fakes … [Read more...]

List found of 12,000 Nazis in Argentina with money in Swiss bank

List found in old storage room at former Buenos Aires Nazi headquarters … [Read more...]

Austrian Parliament condemns BDS movement as antisemitic

Unanimous resolution urges Austrians not support the anti-Israel movement … [Read more...]

Israeli professor sues Pittsburgh’s Point Park University for alleged discrimination

Channa Newman victimized for resisting efforts to malign Israel … [Read more...]

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