World Refugee Day: Major Christian charity lobbies against Trump refugee cap

Church World Service advocates on behalf of refugees … [Read more...]

50 killed as Muslim-Christian bloodshed continues in Central African Republic

About 2.9 million have lost their lives over the past six years … [Read more...]

YouTube to remove videos denying Holocaust, glorifying Nazism

Google announces new stage in fight against hate speech … [Read more...]

Remains of 1,214 Holocaust victims laid to rest in Belarus

Bones, personal items re-interred after unearthed by construction workers … [Read more...]

WJC chief slams Polish PM: ‘Poles profiteered from Jewish assets for decades’

Ron Lauder says Morawiecki’s comments are ‘alarming in the extreme’ … [Read more...]

Al-Jazeera suspends two journalists for questioning the Holocaust

Video doubted number of Jews killed, said Jews exploit Holocaust … [Read more...]

‘BDS is antisemitic,’ rules German Bundestag in landmark vote

Germany is the first country in European Union to make the move … [Read more...]

Trump joins GOP chorus rebuking lawmaker Tlaib for Holocaust comments

Congresswoman: Palestinians gave Jews safe haven, paid for Nazi crimes … [Read more...]

FOZ head Mike Evans prays with Poway rabbi at White House

Rabbi shot in attack that killed Lori Gilbert-Kaye, wounding two others … [Read more...]

UN genocide expert says European far-right is similar to rise of Nazis

‘We should admit that it’s time to stand up, it is time to speak out’ … [Read more...]

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