Amsterdam fined Holocaust victims for unpaid taxes while they were in camps

Anne Frank House

City collected more than $10 million from survivors after the war … [Read more...]

Kansas police: Fatal Sunday shooting spree at Jewish center was hate crime

Frazier Glenn Cross

Shooter came to kill Jews, but all three victims were Christians … [Read more...]

Gunman at Kansas Jewish centers is former Ku Klux Klan leader

KKK gunman

Frazier Cross identified as shooter suspect; two victims were Christians … [Read more...]

Jewish groups excoriate Denmark over legalized bestiality


Ritual slaughter banned due to 'concerns' for animal rights … [Read more...]

Prayers urged for daughters after terrorists behead two Christian women

Somali Christian

In Somalia, two daughters, aged 8 and 15, forced to watch … [Read more...]

Condemned Christian man appeals Pakistan blasphemy death sentence

Pakistani Christians

Says charges trumped up to speed eviction of Christians from their land … [Read more...]

UNHRC to replace Falk with Chinkin from the Goldstone Report


Arab League wants a pro-Palestinian campaigner to promote BDS … [Read more...]

‘Bomb-maker’ brags about El Al blast, posts Lockerbie photos


Tied to PFLP-GC plane bombings in ‘70s, arrested before Pan Am 103 … [Read more...]

Archaeologists discover new evidence of Nazi death camp Treblinka

Birkenau 3

Place where 900,000 Jews were murdered rebuts Holocaust deniers … [Read more...]

Hungarian rabbi finds 103 Torah scrolls stolen during Holocaust

stolen Torahs

Torahs stashed in Russian library 70 years; rabbi plans to restore scrolls … [Read more...]

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