New Jersey kosher supermarket shooters ‘targeted the location,’ mayor says

Dead in gun battle: two Hasidim, police officer, two gunmen … [Read more...]

Trump signs order recognizing Jewish university students as a protected class

Jews an ethnic minority; colleges that don't comply may lose gov't funding … [Read more...]

After 100 years, Germany to reinstate military rabbis

Move shows commitment to Jewish life in country; 300 Jews estimated in army … [Read more...]

European retailer pulls home decorations with antisemitic stereotypes

Following protest at Poland sale of pictures of Orthodox Jews counting gold … [Read more...]

French parliament decides anti-Zionism is antisemitism

Motion passes 154:72 in the parliament’s lower house … [Read more...]

McGill U. administration condemns council for targeting Jewish student

Students express 'concerns' over handling of free trip to Israel … [Read more...]

Auschwitz asks Amazon to remove death camp Christmas ornaments from site

‘Auschwitz on a bottle opener is rather disturbing and disrespectful’ … [Read more...]

Most students ‘passionate’ about ‘occupation’ can’t find Palestinian territories on map

Most US students do not have knowledge of basic facts on the subject … [Read more...]

UN dismisses US policy change, says Israeli settlements still illegal

International Court of Justice, UN still view them as violation … [Read more...]

Christian leaders lay hands on and pray for Trump ahead of impeachment vote

Gathering was for Trump to inform Evangelicals of his accomplishments … [Read more...]

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